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2012 Johannesburg Art Fair

The Museum was delighted to show at the 2012 Johannesburg Art Fair in South Africa, from the 7th - 9th September. The installations of the Malabo based artist, Placido Guimaraes, received considerable attention.


Acquiring colonial & post colonial to contemporary

The predominant international prominence of paintings and sculpture created from 1930 – 1970 is still largely centred around the South African market with many dedicated galleries and auction houses. It will be important to also focus and search for other colonial era artists from Nigeria, Ghana to EG etc.

Since 1970’s a wide variety of collectable artists have appeared all over Africa. Almost every country has some arts community, however small. Artists from Ghana, Senegal and Nigeria, Kenya, Zaire, South Africa are particularly prominent as well as Cameroon, Benin, DRC, and Tanzania. Many smaller countries, like Zimbabwe for example, despite recent oppression of the arts, has seen a great resurgence of young talent who are producing vibrant works and at long last have a platform in public collections in their own countries.