Art and Africa in the Colonial Era and influences

The introduction of 2 dimensional art as a collectable and exhibitable form. From 1870 a mass of African pieces had started to arrive in Europe and were on public view. Picasso, Matisse, the School of Paris and other Cubists were heavily influenced by what they saw and their paintings reflect this. In turn, a new generation of African artists would later be influenced by these European paintings.
As colonies started to expand in the 1930’s and with the exchange of ideas, political influences and schooling a new breed of African artists start to appear. Many are influenced by Western artists and almost reject their artistic or traditional heritage.
Many notable artists start to achieve major world wide attention during this period and include the South African’s, Irma Stern, Alexis Preller and Gerard Sekoto (later in Paris) as well as the Nigerian, Ben Enwonwu. Superb and more realistic carved items also start to appear on the market.